Face of Mankind Partners with Overwolf

Face of Mankind Partners with Overwolf



Nexeon Technologies, a free-to-play online game publisher and the developer of the MMO Face of Mankind, today announced the launch of the “Face of Mankind Multicom” in collaboration with Overwolf, a software company specializing in adding a rich layer of social functionality to games. The Face of Mankind Multicom (powered by Overwolf) includes various gaming features accessible to users while playing their games, as well as an in-game Appstore, for which developers are able to develop and publish in-game apps. The Face of Mankind Multicom will help players communicate, record, and share their game play – without ever leaving the game.



“We have been following Overwolf’s development for some time and we believe it’s a unique solution that will help boost Face of Mankind’s in-game activity” said Jesse Asklund, VP of Operations at Nexeon Technologies, Inc. “Current players know that the forums and other various online resources are a critical requirement of the game; the Face of Mankind Multicom will allow them to stay in full-screen and access all of their favorite applications.”



“Face of Mankind is a boutique MMO, with game design elements that are hard to find in the world of traditional MMOs” said Uri Marchand, CEO of Overwolf. “We hope the Face of Mankind Multicom will improve the overall gaming experience, and offer an easy way for gamers to share their great moments of changing the Face of Mankind”.



To see the client in action, please download at: http://download.overwolf.com/FoMMulticomInstaller.exe.

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