FACEIT adds SMITE to their cast of games!


I’ve not used Faceit before, but it’s been brought up in the Bottom Tier stream a few times over the past couple of weeks as a potential thing for us to look at. So I had to ask myself: What the hell is Faceit? It feeds what is basically my most basic and hungry instinct: The need for competition. I need to challenge myself and get better at whatever I’m playing at the time, and that’s Smite. Sure, I’m also playing League ranked, but I do that every season. I’ve never played Smite’s competitive seasons, but the eye I keep on SPL, I can’t help but be intrigued. Basically, you play your favorite competitive games on Faceit, compete in tournaments, or simply on their ladder and earn points. You can get rare and valuable skins for your games, currency for said games, and much more.

SMITE Susanoo Family

Once the match of that game is over, Faceit’s system does some tabulating and math, and awards the victors their victory. They boast some pretty incredible prizes, like Razer pc hardware and even a FIAT. A bloody car, for winning a video game? Now I’m sure it will take absolutely damn forever, but I won’t lie, my car’s a little beat up and that’s an appealing reason to get back into the heat of battle. According to HiRez President, Stew Chisam, “FACEIT is the now official platform to play competitive SMITE on and hone your skills. The integration is the first milestone and part of a series of grassroots activities we will be creating together, bringing more competitions and exciting opportunities for SMITE players. Stay tuned for more information!” If they’re officially supporting it, I’m interested and plan on hitting up my closest friends who play SMITE to get in there and get some wins. I’m down. Are you?

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