Fasaria World: Official Launch March 27th, 2009

Out of the cluster of so many mmorpgs, it’s sometimes hard to sort out what type of mmo is right for your particular taste. One of the biggest concerns we often face is spending hours on a game that eventually becomes a direct replica of the game you just left a month ago. Fasaria World doesn’t just attempt to revolutionize your typical online game format, we worked hard to improve your game experience to ensure that it isn’t just “different”, but that it’s actually “fun” as well.

Fasaria World is a PVE oriented online RPG for players who are looking for depth, direction and a sense of fulfillment in their game play. Being both quest and story based, Fasaria World draws upon many practical elements often overlooked in many online games. By removing a lot of the draw backs and exhausting elements that often frustrate players, Fasaria World focuses on character building and great rewards, bringing back mmos to the fundamental principles that makes a game fun while stripping away the excess that gets in the way of a great game experience.

1. Your skills become more powerful with use but your character also levels up as well.
2. Items are almost limitless in their stacking ability and all items are important to every character. No need to occupy your precious bag slots with useless items.
3. Traveling between towns and locations are as simple as pulling up your compass menu, no long or exhausting rides to your destinations.
4. Combat is more action and real time fighting but still has the RPG style players are used to. No need to pick up drops! All items are automatically placed in your inventory and since they all stack, no need to worry about overflow. This greatly removes the “grind” feel associated with many mmos as everything in combat moves at a progressive pace.
5. No queue times, you get in the game and play. No long wait times for patches or updates. Everything updates fast and servers are always very responsive.

These are a few noted elements that set Fasaria World apart from many other online games. Some players are quickly losing interest to massive worlds with more content than their interest can hold. Fasaria World removes the cumbersome feeling attributed to many mmos and makes the gaming experience feel progressive and exciting. Some players may not pinpoint why they are losing interest in certain mega sized games. Fasaria World provides enough elements in every common task that is rewarding enough to make any player want to return and play again and again without feeling over burdened or obligated. We also focused on the “fun factor”
that so many players are looking for in an online game such as collecting useful and rare items, crafting, mining, farming, building your kingdom, combat, questing and trade. These basic elements were not an after thought but our primary focus. Fasaria World is also fun and very rewarding. It doesn’t feel like a second job, it feels like a great game.

Owning Your Own Property:

Owning your own property is an interesting aspect of Fasaria World. You can earn your first plot of farming land at level 5. At level 25 you can earn your castle and build your land with soldiers/citizens and then collect taxes from them. You can do a lot on your property such as farm/mine, trade in medals for rare items, build your custom shop, clear your land of fairy dusters, store your items in a secure chest, hire a mercenary to aid you in battle and more.


Farming and mining are some of the most addicting aspects of the game.
Because the crafting aspects tie in with the game so well, players often spend lots of their playing time building up their farming and mining levels. You also have to earn turns through battle in order to complete mining and farming tasks. This keeps the game play balanced and very rewarding. It has proven to be an excellent trade off.

Combat Level:

As you defeat enemies, you earn combat experience which also eventually levels up your combat. At each level up, you gain rare medals that are used to trade in for rare items. You also gain attribute points used to spend on your character’s attributes and your combat skill increases.

Labor Level:

As you farm and mine, you earn labor points which eventually levels up your total labor. At each level up, you also gain the same rewards as you would with combat and your labor skill increases.

Karma Level:

You can collect positive or negative karma throughout the game. Positive karma can be used to give to other players or to a Fairy Queen. When you give away positive karma, you earn karma experience. When your karma levels up, you earn the same rewards as you would with leveling up Combat or Labor. Negative karma is used to take away player’s karma without their consent.

Platinum Medals:

You can collect rare medals in Fasaria World that can be exchanged for rare items, attribute points, mirel, rare skills, reputation points and more. You can trade Bronze Medals in for Silver, Silver for Gold and Gold for Platinum Medals. Platinum Medals are used to gain rare items and abilities.

This is just a brief overview of some basic features found in Fasaria World and still there is so much more to discover. If you are looking for a mmorpg that focuses on “fun factor”, a strong sense of community and a online game that requires NO monthly fees, Fasaria World would be a great game to join and will always feel good to return to.

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