Fast-Paced Action Highlights ijji.comÂ’s New Online Fighting Game, SplashFighters

Battling it out with axes and flamethrowers on NHN USA’s online game portal has never looked so” cute! NHN USA, a leading publisher of online interactive entertainment, has partnered with online game publisher CyberStep Communications, Inc. to channel the colorful, fast-action multi-player fighting game SplashFighters to One of the most popular online multi-player games in the world, SplashFighters features a variety of in-game modes, intense martial arts battles and extensive, detailed character customization.

“SplashFighters’ nonstop action is sure to keep any online adventure seeker on their toes, and we are thrilled to add the game to’s ever-growing and diverse lineup,”
said Philip Yun, CEO, NHN USA. “With valuable channeling partnerships like we now have with CyberStep to bring SplashFighters to’s seven million community members, we will continue to offer an unparalleled online gaming selection and experience.”

SplashFighters is a real-time online action fighting game where players fight to the death with nearly 2 million possible weapon combinations. In the game, players can become completely immersed in the nonstop action as they can attack opponents in all directions while moving freely throughout the environment during battles. Players with any skill level can battle it out against other players all over the world in the intense fight mode or the action packed Soccer and Capture-the-Flag modes, among others.

In SplashFighters, players can even practice their combat moves in the Peaceful Death Dojo to hone their skills before taking on the competition. Players can also create their own perfect personalized warrior with the game’s unique character edit tool that allows for head-to-toe customization at any time.

“With more than 26 million players experiencing the action around the globe, SplashFighters is one of our most popular titles to date in the world,”
said Yoshiyuki Chiba, president, CyberStep Communications Inc. “The impressive community is sure to enjoy SplashFighters’ rapid martial arts game play, near limitless weapons combinations and creative ways to customize their characters. These features together create one of the most fun and exhilarating player-versus-player games on the planet.”

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