Felspire Beta 1.1 Introduces March on Tusk Valley

Felspire Beta 1.1 Introduces March on Tusk Valley news header

Since the open beta went live in early August, Felspire has welcomed hundred thousands of players from across the global and many players have successfully advanced class to Templar, Sniper and Sage. The recently updated Felspire Beta 1.1 saw a bunch of new features and tweaks to improve the players’ experience. Highlights include: new class advance, new level cap, new PvP map and new equipment set system.

At level 300, the Constellation system will be activated, which includes 20 Constellations representing 20 divine human virtues. Players use Stardust or EXP to activate the Constellations and receive attribute boosts. After activating all the Constellations and reaching level 350, players will be able to advance to the third class to become an incredibly powerful Ranger, Paladin or Archmage.

The PvP map Tusk Valley is only for the boldest of adventurers. It is a land scorched by hellfire and inhabits some of most vicious creatures ever seen. It is a place of darkness where light never shines. As a PvP map, you could slay any monster or person you encounter if you are up to the challenge. Tusk Valley is only available for players over lvl. 320. As it the most dangerous place in Felspire so far, here players can find super loots called Lapis.

Lapis are essential fusing material for creating the divine armor sets: Ares, Nereus, Athena, Zeus Lapis plus many more mysterious gear of eminence divine power capable of defeating any evil. Lapis not only can be found in the Tusk Valley but also via VIP dungeons.

Other updates includes new features such as — sharing achievements on Facebook to win rewards, a new item — Name-changing card, which allows players to change their character’s name and lots of optimization’s to improve the players gaming experience.

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