FFX-3 and FFXVI?

Final Fantasy XV (Square Enix)

Back on November 1st in Italy, the Square Enix Brand Manager, Shinji Hashimoto very briefly talked about the possibility of Final Fantasy X-3, and Final Fantasy XVI. However, they are only focusing on “currently announced titles”, like Kingdom Hearts III, Final Fantasy XV, and FFVII Remake. He also went on to say that if there is a Final Fantasy XVI it may or may not keep the same modern aesthetic, as it may not translate to whatever ideas they may have. That’s not a big issue to me, because I like a little variety in my games. Not a lot, but at least a little. Hashimoto said that there’s nothing made for it, and that anyone that could potentially work on it is already devoted to another project, see above. But he also went on to say that there’s the potential that it would not be a sequel/cover ground from previous games. But I imagine it would still take place in Spira. How could it not, if it’s an FFX game.


But I wonder if this does happen in the next couple of years [because let’s be honest; that’s about how long it would have to take] if it would be the game I’ve been theorizing about/hoping for for years now. I and many other people have discussed if they kept the three person party from FFX-2, but instead it would involve Auron, Jecht and Braska. This would be a fantastic idea, and I don’t know too many people that would not be on board with the idea of exploring the history of the FFX universe. But you know what else would be interesting? It’s canon that FFX and FFVII are in the same universe/same timeline. And with FFVII remake coming out, maybe FFX-3 could be set 1,000 years in the future and culminate in Shinra’s ancestor finally moving to Gaia and beginning the colonization of the world FFVII is set in. That would be an amazing idea. Both would be, and I have no idea which I like more. . . It’s a toss-up, really. The long and the short though, is that these are definitely not ruled out, but they are focusing on the humongous projects that they have going right now. Final Fantasy X has my favorite world outside of Ivalice, and it’s easily one of my favorite games in the

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