FFXIV: Red Mage and more!

Tokyo Fan Fest

This weekend, two things happened: Holidays, and more important, Tokyo Fan Fest 2016 for Final Fantasy XIV! We received quite a bit of interesting news at the American Fan Fest, but they saved the really good stuff for Tokyo. Of course they did. . . Not upset at all though! I want to be, but they offered so many wonderful things, that I just can’t stay mad at my favorite developers.  First of all, we have a release date! Well, ideally. Remember, Heavensward came out late, and Yoshi-P was devastated that it took so long to get Heavensward out, so June 20th is the ideal date. I hope it doesn’t take longer than that! You can start preordering in January, so don’t miss out! The collector’s edition is something I definitely. . . absolutely must have. It has Final Fantasy V stuff in it! I wonder why they focused on FFV. . . Are we going to see a new, definitive version of one of the most unique, and glorious FF titles of all? A version that’s not a crap mobile edition? Well, the collector’s edition comes with a few things, like a Bartz doll, and more importantly, a Syldra mount! I will say, FFXIV has the best damn mounts. We’re also going back to Ivalice! That’s interesting, because this world doesn’t have Ivalice on it! Or. . does it? Is it linked to Ivalice in some way? We don’t have a lot of information yet, but Alliance Raids are coming back, with guest producers for the content. I need to know why we’re going to Ivalice though! Is it simply because of the FFXII remake we’re getting? I have questions, Square-Enix!

Tokyo Fan Fest - GARO

I also saw the teaser for the GARO/FFXIV pairing, which is a wonderful thing. It better come stateside! GARO is not a big series over here, except with Toku fans. GARO is a gritty Toku program [think Sentai/Rangers/Kamen Rider], which focuses on a Makai Knight, and has some of the most beautiful armor transformations I’ve ever seen. It’s very easy to find online, and you should definitely go find some of it to watch! That was such a big deal for me, as long as we actually see it. . . The biggest thing, is that I believe I was right!  Red Mage was announced, and we got an idea of how they’ll look and what they’ll do. They’re a hybrid caster, using abilities to position and glide smoothly into combat/melee range, and use both black and white magic. That’s no shock, because that’s what Red Mages have always been: Able to use slightly better equipment, can cast both types of magic but not as great as a pure caster. They will also do some manner of chainspell/links on their casts, and that should probably make up for any lack of punch they would normally have.  The other class wasn’t announced, but after talking with a few friends, I’ve come to the conclusion it’ll be Samurai. Would I love Puppet Master to come back? Of course. But Samurai’s coming; you watch. There’s still more coming though. . . The next big raid after Alexander? Can they even take it up a notch after Bahamut, and Alexander? Duh, of course they can! What’s next: OMEGA.

We’ll keep you up to date the more we know, but these are definitely huge bits of news for FFXIV. If you aren’t already playing, why the hell aren’t you!? Stormblood is coming. Don’t miss out!

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  • Mike Guzman

    I really hope we get the Garo stuff stateside too