FFXIV: Who Lives, Who Dies, Who Re-Tells Your Story

2016-11-01 10_13_32-FINAL FANTASY XIV

Okay! I’m back in FFXIV! Stormblood got me hyped up, and honestly, I missed the game. The hard part for me is to keep up with multiple MMOs. One is likely going to fall to the wayside and that’s not my intent. So, sorry Blizzard if that happens; don’t hate me! I’ve missed at least one patch, so I haven’t done any of the content in the Soul Surrender update. That’s the reason the piece is titled what it is: There is a quest objective with a Hamilton reference, which made me chuckle a great deal. And it involves Alexander, which is just fantastic. They have a clever sense of humor over there at Square-Enix. So there’s more content to do with the Great Fortress Alexander, and I think we’re finally done with it; I think the end has drawn night. At least I’m reasonably sure. It’s been a while. But the big thing for me though, is that while the story is progressing, and I LOVE the Heavensward story big time, there’s more Palace of the Dead! I have to worry even less about running out of quests to perform so I can level alternate classes. It lets you learn the classes, do challenging stuff and gain terrific exp, and what can be bad about that? Sure, this patch introduced more Anima quests to help make a broken, disgustingly powerful weapon, but I’m more interested in the Deep Dungeon Rankings. I want to hit that leaderboard like a bus that’s on fire! The game is gorgeous, slowly but surely my friends are seeing how great it is [and some already did!] and my boss Jaime has been hardcore playing. Though we’re on different servers, it did inspire me to want to play again. I’m back, Eorzea! Ready to explore, fight, and heal people as fast as I can! If you happen to be on Behemoth, look for Gouki Mizuno!

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