FFXV: Episode Prompto and Off-Roading

Final Fantasy XV_ Episode Prompto - Guest Composer Trailer - YouTube

So I just found out today that there’s going to be DLC for Final Fantasy XV coming up this month [June 27] and it’s Episode Prompto! Instead of hyping it up for like two months, it’s just slyly being announced as far as I’m aware. Not worried, because I have the Season Pass, but to be truthful, I had zero interest in Episode Gladio, and I have yet to complete it. Once I beat FFXV, I felt kind of burned out if I’m being honest with myself. And NG+ is too easy, and that became boring very fast. So, while I love the game, I felt … disenchanted. The reasons I didn’t bother with Episode Gladio is that Gladio honestly doesn’t interest me as a character. He’s just the silent, strong, boring character. Maybe they open him up a bit in Episode Gladio, but Prompto? He’s probably the most interesting out of the characters, given what you learn about him towards the end of the game. I’m going to try and not spoil it, but I feel like I’m going to anyway. His version of the game is going to be a third-person shooter, will take about two hours or so [for the main story] and seems like it takes place far before the actual game, given what I saw. He’ll have other missions that will take far longer, but trading in the gun for the camera’s definitely an interesting lifestyle choice. It has a time-attack mode, and some extra stuff to do once the main mission is finished, which sounds like they put a lot more time and thought into it. Prompto is such an interesting character because there’s far more to him than the “lovable jokester” trope that was fastened onto him. The other bonus? Regalia-D! It’s finally time to be able to take the Regalia off roading! No more having to stop for the night in the beginning, and grumbling about not having a chocobo on hand to go do a mission. This content is making me want to go play FFXV again. I needed something interesting to lure me back in and this is it! Below, I’ll offer a trailer for it, too. This trailer isn’t gameplay, but talks about Prompto’s theme, with guest composer, Naoshi Mizuta [FFXI, others].

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