Fiesta: Discover Your Inner Explorer on Columbus Day in Fiesta

Christopher Columbus has discovered the magical world of Isya! Now he’s stuck in the free to play MMORPG Fiesta with no way to return home, having lost his three famous ships and most of his nautical equipment at sea.

Always willing to lend a helping hand, the people of Isya have rallied behind Columbus and are now working to rebuild the legendary explorer’s fleet. New premium items for players ready to join Columbus’ new fleet are now available in the Fiesta Store: The Sailor Uniform, Mara Hat, and Eye Patch. Sure, you may not know your clinometer from your sextant, but at least you’ll look the part!

Once your costume is in order, check out the new Santa Maria mount and set sail for the new world. Every player that purchases a Santa Maria mount before October 31st and helps Columbus get back on his sea legs will be automatically entered in a raffle to win a real life brass telescope and ship wheel courtesy of Columbus himself.

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