Fiesta Online Closed Beta Begins

The second Fiesta Closed Beta will begin at 3:00 PM Pacific Daylight Time (GMT -0700) on Wednesday, July 25!

— Gameplay Enhancements —

We’ve listened to the feedback we received from our first Closed Beta: at this time, most of the issues reported by the Community have been resolved. (Level 17 Kingdom Quest, anyone?)

— Announcing the Fiesta Store! —

We’re excited to announce our upcoming Fiesta Store, featuring premium items designed to give your character a bit of pep in her step!

The Store will be introduced in latter half of this Closed Beta, and will offer many kinds of items to enhance your Fiesta experience: potions, critters to ride, costumes, and mini-houses, to name a few.

Outspark will provide our testers with ample SparkCash for the duration of the Closed Beta so that you can test it out. Go ahead, make your character’s day!

— Events, Events, Events! —

Finally, for all of you Fiesta event fans out there, our Game Masters have taken our most successful Closed Beta events and made them even better. There will be new ones, too, of course, including a server-wide "Grand Event" on August 3!

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