Fiesta: ready for a new event?

Angels and Demons Event:
A war of epic proportions has begun. A countdown to battle has been initiated. Will you fight? Ask your friends what they might know.

During the days of the siege on Elderine, Teva created Guardian Magi to protect the inhabitants of Isya. Although confident in the strength of her Guardian Magi, she worried about the power of Legel corrupting the land and destroying all she sought to protect. To ensure the safety of her Guardian Magi and the rest of Isya, Teva used her powers to create sacred beings to watch over Isya and report to her news of its people. These Angels, as she called them, had the ultimate power to protect. Unseen, they moved though the land and served as her eyes.
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There are new weapon skins in Fiesta:
Get ready for new weapons with dazzling effects that will make you stand out in a crowd. In addition to looks, the bonuses that come with the weapons are not something to glance over: Increase overall damage by 10%, critical rate by 5%, or Aim by 5%. Find out more in game.

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