Fiesta, SoS and Project Powder Update

Solstice: The Housing System is coming out this week! It’s finally time to design your own pad. Invite guests, show off your designing skills and taste, and hang out with your friends. There will be over twenty items of furniture that you can either purchase with SparkCash or through in-game quests, to help you with this process.
Fiesta: The next phase in the Job Class Tree is being released this week as well, the Prestige Class. Players who reach 100 will be able to choose between two different paths depending on their current class. For example fighters who reach level 100 will be able to choose between the Gladiator or the Knight class, the Gladiator specializing in raw power and damage while the Knight specializing in defense and protecting the party.
Project Powder: Lots of new content is being added to Project Powder weekly including premium and non premium gear. Also, this Wednesday, a new map is going to be ready to play, Oblivion Part3, which is full of fast paced action and tricky short cuts.
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