Fiesta, Wind Slayers, Project Powder Updates

Fiesta: Soon there will be a new server available for Fiesta to help clear up some of the very popular servers that have been out for some time now. Also, James Forge is coming out Wednesday.
Similar to Remi’s Rare Finds there will be unique items that can only be found at the forge. James Forge is focused more on enhancements giving all players something useful for every play.
Wind Slayer: Logging in can earn you gold? On Saturday and Sunday there’s word that simply logging in will get your character 5,000 gold, try it out and see for yourself.
Project Powder: The Video Trailer Contest is happening right now. Send in your videos and win a 1GB USB Flash Drive, along with the new Nikki character and in game money! First, second, and third will all win the flash drive and Nikki, with first place just getting more in game money so make sure to submit! Click here for more information.
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