Final Fantasy: Brave Exvius Thoughts


So, I’m running out of steam today, no pun intended, but my interviews aren’t ready to roll out yet, so let’s talk something that I think is interesting. Final Fantasy Brave Exvius! When I heard it was coming, I took a peek at the Japanese version, to figure out what I was getting into. I was swiftly hooked however  I decided in advance upon seeing the English release, “I will not spend all of my time on another mobile game” because the last time I did, I went from level 15 to level 120 on Brave Frontier. I completely burned myself out and log in maybe once a month at the behest of someone else. I told myself this, and logged on this morning for the second time. And a couple of hours later I had no idea where my morning had been.

My team: Cecil [Paladin], Rydia [Older], Magitek Terra, Shadow and Cyan.  That’s all I had to know. Final Fantasy Heroes and Villains join your team.  It’s a Gumi title, so you know exactly what to expect. It’s Brave Frontier! Mostly. It has a few differences though: In particular, sometimes you dungeon crawl. You run through an area, fight random encounters, and acquire items/materials for crafting. So, yes, it’s Brave Frontier again. But it’s Brave Frontier with an IP I’m not only familiar with, but love! It did what it takes to capture my attention, use established characters! It has new story characters for their world and storyline, but you aren’t required to keep them in the party. And I didn’t! As soon as I had a full cast, they went bye bye! This game has way more to do I think than Brave Frontier, right out of the gate. Will I burn out? Probably. But hopefully it will take a lot longer.


I’ve only been playing a few days now, so I’ll come back after a week or so to this and decide what I really think! I do think it’s really annoying to get abilities and armor recipes though. I like that it’s different, but it’s got so much stuff going on! Like in combat, you can attack, use spells/abilities, or use your brave burst style power. And unlock Espers. Jesus. Love the game, but I hope they don’t just keep slapping stuff on the game to overwhelm players. Sometimes less is more, but if nothing else, it feels like a legit FF game. That matters. Way to go guys, thanks for not phoning it in.


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