Final Fantasy XI April Version Update

Final Fantasy XI April Version Update
By Mary Garcia, OnRPG journalist


The version update on March 22, 2010 was the first of several promising new updates scheduled for the remainder of the year. As announced at Vanafest 2010 on February 28, the development team is bringing many major changes to the gameplay as Final Fantasy XI players know it. For more details on what’s in store for the year, readers can visit the Official Vanafest 2010 Website.


New Areas and Missions

The long awaited Castle Zvahl [S] is finally available for players to partake in Campaign battles, as well as Campaign Ops missions. New areas include Castle Zvahl Baileys [S], Castle Zvahl Keep [S], and Throne Room [S]. After meeting certain conditions, players may now also encounter the Shadow Lord and battle him to acquire his weapon and breastplate.


Final Fantasy XI Past Castle Zvahl Bailey


With these new areas also come a new set of missions, continuing the Wings of the Goddess saga. What fate will befall Sir Ragelise, Portia, and those around them as a result of his decisions? Adventurers continue to assist Lilisette in her mission to stop the past from being rewritten.


Trial of the Magians

Added with the version update is a brand new system called Trial of the Magians. This system is intended for level 75 characters to partake in a series of quests to earn rewarding equipment. Currently, only weapon “trials” are available. Relic and mythic owners may also partake in these quests to augment their weapon. Players wishing to take on these quests must speak to the Magian Moogle, located in Ru’Lude Gardens.


The development team plans to expand this system to include armor and transportation items among other rewards.


Job Adjustments

Summoner – Two new avatars have been added. After completing certain quests, Summoners can now summon Odin and Alexander. When summoned, Odin will perform his signature ability, Zantetsuken, and dismiss himself. Zantetsuken has the ability to inflict Death, and uses all magic points. Alexander, when summoned, will grant Perfect Defense. This reduces the damage taken and increases resistance to status ailments. The new avatars require the use of Astral Flow to invoke their powers. As such, the job ability Astral Flow has also been adjusted. Summoners may now use the job ability without having to first summon an avatar.


Final Fantasy XI Odin 


Puppetmaster – To the joy of many Puppetmasters, hand-to-hand combat skill has been raised from C to B+ rating. In addition to this, their automatons, as well as attachments, have also been adjusted.


New Notorious Monsters

A new set of Notorious Monsters have also been introduced. Players can participate in the tiered style of these NMs, where they will be rewarded according to tier and difficulty. To battle with these new NMs, adventurers must first speak to an NPC named Assai Nybaem, located in Ru’Lude Gardens, to purchase the item “Clear Abyssite”.


Final Fantasy XI New Notorious Monsters Yilbegan 


With this item, adventurers can now begin the hunt by resting in certain zones. Upon resting, the abyssite will guide the player in the correct direction the NM waits. The abyssite has a chance of changing color upon defeat of the Notorious Monster, with different colors spawning different tiers of NMs.



The skill level cap has been raised from 50 to 60. With this level cap raise come new synergy recipes. Among the new recipes are Beastmaster jug pets, and new equipment, with synthesis materials acquired from the new Notorious Monster battles. New evolith types have also been added. In addition to this, bonuses from equipment and furnishings will now take effect when performing Synergy

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