Final Fantasy XII: The Zodiac Age?


Final Fantasy XII is getting a game called “The Zodiac Age”, which is a remake of the original. But it’s something much more than that.  What does that even mean? What they’re giving us is likely an HD Remake/Remaster of the International Edition. Now that fills me with joy!  I have very mixed feelings about Final Fantasy XII. Beautiful game, wonderful story, main character is bollocks. He’s a big ol’ pile of ass. Why couldn’t Balthier or someone else have led the narrative? But that’s neither here nor there. There are a few things to bear in mind about this version of FFXII that fixes the things I hate.

THE. LICENSE. BOARD. Fucking lord how I hated that thing. It’s too broad and ridiculous. This game is set in Ivalice, RE: Final Fantasy Tactics. A world that is built around the character class. When you acquire a character, you’re given a wheel of zodiac symbols, and each one has a job class. It will have its own, smaller board with skills/equipment lists that fit that class. So it is a lot easier to manage and build a character how you want. Does that mean they can’t do everything and be godlike? Yes. But that won’t hamper their strength too terribly much. But it fits the setting far more than the original. The Zodiac is so damn important to the world of Ivalice; Zodiac Braves, the Gems, et cetera. So this helps immerse us in the world just a little bit more.


Guest Characters: Normally they just do their own thing and there’s fucking nothing you can do about it. But in the International Edition you can adjust their gambits. You can’t fix their equipment, but you can be aware of what they can do, take control of them, and they level with you. Nothing infuriates me more than a dumb AI just causing me grief. You can also command the Espers you summon! Tell me that’s not hype: I dare you. There are so many more changes and additions [L1 Speeds up? Yes please].  I’m ultimately very hyped for this. Sure, it is a plea for Square Enix to make more money, but there were so many beautiful games in our past that people can play on current-gen platforms.  That’s what I like about it. Now if you’ll excuse me, I’m going to dig my import copy out and get some time in with a game I haven’t touched in years. It’s not going to be out anytime soon; from what I understand, 2017 for Japan. But I’m still excited!

What do you think? Is the time of remakes over? Or are there titles YOU want remade for a modern audience?

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