Final Fantasy XIV Expansion: Stormblood!


I’m so excited for Stormblood! It even sounds cool! Much cooler than Heavensward. Kidding, I love Heavensward. I didn’t get to watch all of the Fan Fest, but what I saw was amazing. One of the more interesting things discussed is that there will be new classes! They won’t say until likely Tokyo Fan Fest [because of course], but Yoshi-P wore a Scarlet Witch shirt, and that was his only hint. That doesn’t mean we’re going to get “Mutants”, is it? Now, before you scoff, remember that FF Adventure/Legend are technically in the FF Universe, even if they’re Mana/SaGa. Mutant was one of the classes you could utilize, and I’d love to see it brought back. [Shout out to all my friends at Unofficial SquareSoft MUD] Does it mean Witch? Mutant? Hexxer?  RED MAGE? I can’t help but wonder! There’s also going to be a level cap increase to 70. What expansion would be complete without one?

Still kind of jelly of this. Not gonna lie.

Still kind of jelly of this. Not gonna lie.

It’s also the end of Playstation 3 support! I’m actually very glad to see this. One of the things holding back an already visually impressive game is the Playstation 3, that can only do so much. Sticking to the Playstation 4 and PC will allow for a lot more in the way of visual aesthetic and processing power. We’ll see something we’ve never seen in an MMO before. Don’t worry, PS3 users can upgrade to the PS4 version [free I believe?], and there’s yet another reference to Final Fantasy 3 in the “Forbidden Land of Eureka” and it will be unique to the Stormblood content. They’re going to get rid of/compact some spells/abilities, and from what I saw, a new battle system. Are they going to make an already great battle system better? So much happened that weekend, I can’t possibly cover it all here. Those are just a few of my favorite things.

How excited are you? What classes do you hope make it? Samurai? Red Mage? Puppet Master? In the words of Yoshi-P himself, “Please look forward to it!”

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  • Mike Guzman

    Really? I’m surprised that Red Mage wasn’t a class already, it’s so iconic. But yeah I remember the Mutant race from FF Legend. I used a two Human, two Mutant party in my playthrough of that fun but hard game

  • Mike Guzman

    beautiful pic on the top of the article btw

    • Ragachak

      It’s from the trailer of Stormblood.