Final Fantasy XIV Gets a Release Date!

Final Fantasy XIV Gets a Release Date!



These days you often have to pre-order an MMO to get a couple of extra days head start before the official release, an incentive to those who place down money in advance.

Square-Enix instead will be releasing two versions of Final Fantasy XIV eight days apart in stores, so if you really can’t wait to enter the world of Eorzea then you might be encouraged to pay for the more expensive option of the two.

Final Fantasy XIV Gets a Release Date!

On the 22nd of September worldwide you’ll be able to pick up the Collectors Edition for the PC at a price of $75 / €64.99 which not only includes eight days of free game time before the standard edition launch but also:

– Exclusive In Game Item: The Onion Helm
– Behind the Scenes Bonus DVD
– FINAL FANTASY XIV – Branded Security Token
– Map of Eorzea
– Travel Journal filled with pages of exclusive concept art.
– Right of Passage – Redeem a voucher to receive your fully-personalized Right of Passage Certificate, each stamped with a unique serial number.

Later on the 30th of September the Standard Edition will be available in stores for $50 / €32.49. PlayStation 3 users will need to hold their breath a little longer as their release date has yet to be announced.

Regardless of which version you pick up you’ll of course get the complimentary one month free from subscription.

Final Fantasy XIV enters beta this month, we’re already looking forward to it!

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