Final Fantasy XIV Updates Official Site with Player Guide

Final Fantasy XIV Updates Official Site with Player Guide


Players starting Final Fantasy XIV for the first time aren’t given a straight forward idea of where to begin after the initial steps of the game. Early adopters had to figure out what comes next as they go. Square-Enix caught on that in order to keep their new subscribers happy they will require more information. Square-Enix have put together a small primer for new players covering two of the essentials – interacting with objects and the specifics of acquiring guildleves and carrying out local leves. It is suspected that this is just the beginning of a fully-fledged new player guide.


Final Fantasy XIV


Most of the information within will be familiar to players who have been with the game since release but the guide still includes interesting facts for all players, such as a map of the NPC’s required for materials for specific local leves. Veterans of XIV will also appreciate the newly implemented History feature for individual characters, allowing them to track the progress of a character across the world of Eorzea.


New players to Final Fantasy XIV will still find that it’s not a walk in the park to learn the basics, but the addition of this guide should certainly help.

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