Final Fantasy XV: Battle at Big Bridge?


I’ll do my best to make this spoiler free, but I did read something that genuinely interests me. Today I read that the first DLC content for FFXV was revealed in a book handed out to fans, but alas, I was not one of them. With that in mind, I’m a bit skeptical about this, since I have not seen an official press release or anything of that nature [I usually do]! So, with that bit of salt on the plate, let’s talk about Final Fantasy XV. There’s a point in the game where Gladiolus, the Greatsword-swinging badass, leaves the party. He has some hush-hush nonsense to go take care of, and the taciturn warrior heads off to deal with his problems. In DLC Episode Gladiolus will explain exactly what happens, because you’ll be in control of it! You’ll get to explore areas of the game that you cannot right now, and it will give a bit more insight into the internal workings and backdrop for Gladiolus.  I love this idea a lot, and I hope he gets his own team of warriors to hang out during it, but I wonder how much gameplay we’ll get out of this.

The other really interesting thing is the potential big boss of it. Final Fantasy XV is pretty big on adding little hints and teases, homages to the FF games that came before it, from enemies [Adamantoise], to character references [Miss Highwind? Could be Cid, could be Kain!] but the battle to be most aware of. . . could take place on a Big Bridge. Okay, fine: GILGAMESH. The master of the blade, the greatest warrior to walk the planes, Gilgamesh, collector of swords gained from the broken bodies of past warriors! Erdrick, Cloud, Terra, you name it, he’s got a blade from pretty much every Final Fantasy game, in his appearance in XII. It’s a fitting foe from the past to do battle with Gladiolus I think. But I wonder if he’ll acquire one of the weapons from Gilgamesh if he wins? Excalibur? More like Excalipoor! But I did want to share my thoughts on this, because I think it’s exciting, and if they don’t do battle on top of a massive bridge, I’m going to be more than disappointed.

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