Firefall Hosting Chosen Offensive Dev Event on September 21

Firefall Chosen Offensive Event

Firefall has announced a new developer event, the Chosen Offensive, hitting the servers this Sunday, September 21, from 11am to 3pm PDT.

The Chosen will go on the offense in Sertao, Coral Forest, and Devil’s Tusk for four hours straight, sending in Chosen Strike Teams, Incursions, Thumbers, Darkslips, and more to assault the humans. During this, Firefall Developers will be taking control of powerful Chosen that will challenge players with an even more powerful kit than the last dev event.


Players who play for more than an hour straight (no logging off) during the event will earn:

  • Exclusive Warpaint – “Defender of Humanity” – Permanent Unlock
  • Exclusive Decal – “Defender of Humanity” – Permanent Unlock
  • Exclusive Title – “Defender of Humanity” – Permanent Unlock
  • Achievement – “Defender of Humanity”
  • Free 7 Day VIP Membership

More about the event is available here.

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