First Myth War Comic Contest Announced

IGG Myth War Group has always been striving to provide new contests to all players. After successfully brought out First Myth War Video Contest, First Myth War Blog Contest, First Myth War Drawing Contest, here comes the First Myth War Comic Contest.
Time of activity,
June 1—30 : Time for collecting drawings.
July 1—2 : Time for evaluation
July 3—4 : Time for award
All the title of participating article should begin with [Comic]
Competitors must be the player of MW.
Comics must be related to MW and better present the features of MW
Any comic involved politics, violence, bloody or other sensitive topics will be banned.
Please post multiple entries in one thread and each comic must have 3 to 4 pictures
Evaluation: The official will make the final judgment under three qualifications (art, humor, and myth war related)
One 1st Prize 8000 Integral Points(Fortune bombing points)
Two 2nd Prizes: Each one will get 6000 Integral Points(Fortune bombing points)
Three 3rd prizes Each one will get 4000 Integral Points(Fortune bombing points)
Five Honor Mentioned Each one will get 1500 Integral Points(Fortune bombing points.

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