First Release of Code D Game Features

August 10 — You may already know that Code D (working title) is the latest fantasy-themed massively multiplayer role-playing game under development by EverDream Studio. And you could probably spot the inspirations from WOW, Lord of the Rings, Warhammer, Dragon Age and many other MMO games through the artworks. But do you know how the game would finally look after we mash up all the ideas and even combine them with something new?

Lately, EverDream Studio have released a few descriptions about the game features. These features could give MMO players a brief view on what Code D is going to be.

Part of the game features and spotlights:

1.Thousands of captivating quests
Our quest system provides a great variety of quests with tons of fun in store for you. Great rewards will be given out once a quest is completed.

2.Innovative in-game systems
This game offers well-rounded and well-coordinated game play through a variety of innovative in-game systems to create an action packed MMO experience, including equipment refining, auction house, talent system, training system, job system, etc. which will surely bring unique fun to players.

We will release more game features continuously in order to give you an insight on how the game is shaping up. Meanwhile we will share more fabulous original artworks of Code D with you.

Three sketches for this time:

Code D Sketch


Code D Sketch 


Code D Sketch

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