First Vikings Of Thule Quest Released – Chapter 1: Slayer Of Wyrms

First Vikings Of Thule Quest Released – Chapter 1: Slayer Of Wyrms


Vikings of Thule, one of the first MMORPGs for Facebook,  now offers gamers a challenging expansion to the social role-playing game. This new expansion will be followed by future adventures as determined by the players.


Gogogic announces the installment of a new expansion for Vikings of Thule, the innovative social MMORPG for Facebook. Vikings of Thule – Chapter 1: Slayer of Wyrms introduces a dedicated single player quest to Vikings of Thule. The quest is shrouded in mystery, but involves gamers embarking on a mythical journey filled with adventure and a great challenge awaiting at the end. Those who successfully make their way through the perilous paths can expect great rewards. Players can select different difficulty levels, making the quest accessible for both new players and those who have reached advanced ranks. “We have been pleased to see more players than ever before engaging with Vikings of Thule, so we wanted to create a whole new experience for them. The new quests will add even more depth and involvement to the game,” says Iris Kristin Andresdottir, Senior Producer for Vikings of Thule.


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The game’s map has also been redesigned to reflect the changes made to the game with the new quest addition and the growing number of players who have immersed themselves in the world of Thule. All in all, this opens a new chapter in the Vikings of Thule saga with player participation and feedback determining the nature of future chapters.

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