Florensia: Content Updates

Burda:ic, a leading publisher of online games worldwide, today released a major content update to celebrate the first birthday of their fantasy MMORPG, Florensia. Most importantly, the Production System has been updated to include a number of new cooking recipes and eight mysterious new weapons that can be crafted from special drops. Players wielding one of these unique artifacts, from the Queen of Hate rapier to the two-handed Agi-Rang-i blade, will surely become an unstoppable force on the fields of Florensia!
Florensia’s Guilds also have good reason to celebrate, as the birthday festivities include a significant update to the entire Guild System. Emblems can now be changed at any time, and guilds that collect the necessary ingredients can grow in power from grade five to grade one. Reach the top tier and you’ll be able to accept more than 60 members at a time, meaning you’ll never have to worry about having enough people for a dungeon crawl again!

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