Flyff: in-game Christmas events

With Christmas rapidly approaching, the vibrant world of the free-to-play MMORPG Fly for Fun (FlyFF) is all set to host a ton of extraordinary events. Between December 22 and January 5, the gPotato team hosts a wide range of activities and events for players enjoying the Christmas holidays. There are a whole host of exclusive awards and items on offer for adventurers who can complete the challenges we’ve set in-game.

A special event commences Monday, December 22 to celebrate the arrival of Christmas in the world of FlyFF. Adventurers of all levels can use their investigative skills to overcome the quest proposed by the gPotato team. The most valiant defenders of the Christmas Spirit will be rewarded with wonderful gifts, including the very rare Lawolf Sledge. The few lucky winners of the new permanent flying mount will be able to fly in the sky of Madrigal at any time – Santa style, comfortably seated on this legendary sledge.

From December 23, the town of Madrigal will be redecorated in a festive way to celebrate the arrival of Santa Claus. This iconic character will provide many rewards to the most courageous players who are searching for Golden Apples to feed to Rudolf. The adventurers will have until the 5th of January to find those apples stolen by the monsters of FlyFF and redeem them for a variety of great rewards!

By organising regular in-game events for the FlyFF community, the gPotato team hopes to offer a vibrant and constantly evolving environment for players of all levels. These events range from the addition of new themed in-game quests, a regular schedule of community events and competitions to see how creative our playing community can be with screenshot contests and creative writing competitions.

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