Flyff Welcomes All to Version 12 Today! Full text:

Sunnyvale, California – October 7th, 2008 – Gala-Net Inc., a leading publisher of online multiplayer games, announced today the release of Flyff, Version 12 (V.12) in the US. Flyff, Fly for Fun, is a free-to-play MMORPG published through the gPotato game portal. Version 12 features new content including the Lord System, the Forsaken Tower and its Secret Rooms, and a new boss NPC called Rangda. The new content release is now available for all Flyff players.

With this new release, players will be even more engaged within the Flyff community. The new Lord System will allow eligible players to unite and vote for a Lord of their server for 2 weeks. An elected Lord will be given exclusive skills and equipment, including the ability to start EXP or item drop events on his/her server. In addition, there will be a new dungeon for players to explore called the Forsaken Tower. The tower hosts 5 floors, each of which has unique monsters inspired from different mythologies from all around the world. At the top of the Forsaken Tower are two rooms, in which guilds must compete to win access. Winning the competition grants guilds powers never seen before in Madrigal. Players can also join forces to fight the new NPC boss, Rangda, the soul of a cursed witch that lies deep within the forest of Darkon. There are four incarnations of Rangda in V.12, and only mid-to-high level players (at last level 70) should dare to challenge her.

“The release of V.12 is sure to bring together players from all around the world,” says Senior Producer Keehwan Her. “Flyff players have been eagerly anticipating this new update, and we have worked so hard and are very happy to deliver what our players want. This new update will be a great challenge for new and expert players of Flyff.”

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