Fond Memories: Gaming Hall of Fame Additions


Yesterday I learned that four new [technically more] games entered the Video Game Hall of Fame. Some of these frankly deserved to be there far before now, but the additions are Halo: Combat EvolvedPokemon Red and Green [Blue]Donkey Kong, and Street Fighter II. Clearly not Street Fighter I, because who even remembers it? Only the most die hard, to be honest. No matter how I feel about one of these, I cannot deny that each of these titles turned their own respective franchises on their heads, and changed them forever. Without Halo, we wouldn’t have half the shooters we do now. Sure, there were shooters before Halo, but come on. None of those were truly open and wide with their maps or such a high-level of teamwork. Street Fighter II covers all the various iterations of SFII, which is great because there are eight billion of those. However, I didn’t play much Pokemon until later generations, because I didn’t have a Gameboy or Gameboy Color when they were popular. Mine came later, I’m afraid. Well, we did have a Gameboy, but no Pokemon. So I sat down and thought about what these mean to me.

Halo: Honestly, I’m not a big fan of Halo. Never have been. The story doesn’t grab me, I’m not really a shooter fan. Mostly because I’m mediocre [at best] at them. But I have so many friends that have fond nights of staying up all night with pizza and soda, shooting the crap out of each other, and out of other people online. That’s a wonderful idea, but one I didn’t truthfully experience. That’s another story for another day though.

Donkey Kong: I spent many quarters on this down by the beach. I rented it once too, for the NES. But down by the Boardwalk on Emerald Isle, they had two classic games I spent dollars on: Joust and Donkey Kong. Never did beat it… the joysticks for that game never seemed to be that good. Arcade games would never be the same again after it. The next few DK games weren’t so hot, but this would eventually lead to Donkey Kong Country. And that game made me smile when I needed it most.

Pokemon Red/Green: The nature of collecting all the Pokemon across two games, trading, catching exclusives, finding legendaries, doing battle with the various gym leaders. The developers found a way to take something they loved as a kid, that many people loved [catching bugs, hanging out with friends] and turn it into a competitive title that’s still played to this day with Pokemon Sun and Moon, a competitive video game league, card game, you name it. I may have come late to the party, but I’m glad I showed up. It was a new way to play an RPG that is emulated, but never duplicated.

Street Fighter II:  Oh man, where do I even begin? I’m still casual as Hell in fighting games, but I do love them and follow them religiously. I watch tournaments, look into updates/changes, do what I can to see what’s hot, or what’s going to be top tier. I have very fond memories of playing SFII with Trevor, one of my friends back in Elementary School, staying up way past midnight, eating Fudge Rounds and drinking soda. Desperately trying to beat him and vice versa in a fantastic rendition of the arcade classic. I’ve played just about every Street Fighter since, and definitely all of the “II” iterations. Though Super II Turbo probably had the biggest effect on me, or “The New Challengers”, with the introduction of Cammy, Dee Jay, Fei Long and T. Hawk. We wouldn’t have E.V.O. without Street Fighter II’s success. Super Turbo still has tournaments all over the world, no less. I could go on about this all day…

What about you guys? You have any fond memories of any of these titles? Let me know below!

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  • Herschel Pilcher III

    We don’t talk about Joust in our house.. for the great shame that our mother heaped upon us with her ludicrous skill at the game. “Oh noes.. teh unkillable pterodactyl has spawned.. what shall I do? *kills it dead* Get rekt nerd!!”

    Street Fighter belongs here because all other fighting games before it were failed attempted to capture the essence of a martial arts duel, and all games since have been at worst pale imitations and at best shining homages.

    The gaming world as a whole owes Donkey Kong and his troop a world of thanks for being terrible villains and never managing to stop Mario. Otherwise, Jump Man would never have discovered his Italian heritage, his love of plumbing and the Mushroom Kingdom… and where would gaming (and Nintendo for that matter) be without the Super Mario brothers?

    Pokemon was sort of like setting out to spin straw into flaxen cord (or an insect collection simulator) but instead Rumplestiltskin’ing it up and spinning gold (or Pokemon) instead. No one could have dreamed that the Pokemon games would become the pop culture juggernaut that it is.SO it absolutely deserves it’s spot in the Hall of Fame.

    Halo is a good game. There I said it. That being said.. all of the people I knew who played Halo at it’s peak (before CoD took the FPS flag -and Halo’s lunch money- and ran with it) were awful dude-bros of the first degree and that put me off the game. That said Halo laid the groundwork for the shooters that would come after and we owe them for that.

  • Mike Guzman

    I’m surprised it took this long for Donkey Kong! Without it we wouldn’t have the Mario we know and love today