Forsaken WorldÂ’s War of Shadows Expansion Set to Launch

Forsaken World’s War of Shadows Expansion Set to Launch



The ferocious Lycan reign supreme in Forsaken World with the release of Perfect World Entertainment’s latest major expansion for its free-to-play, fantasy MMORPG, War of Shadows.  Starting on December 12, 2012, players can look forward to the new playable Lycan race, brand new dungeons with powerful new gear rewards, and an extensive overhaul of skills and talents.


“The War of Shadows expansion will change Forsaken World forever with the addition of the Lycan race,” says Senior Product Manager Mark Hill.  “With the launch of this expansion, players can also look forward to new challenges and rewards in the form of group and solo dungeons, as well as a newly balanced skill and talent system.”



Check out the new race in action in this just launched trailer.


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