Four Job Fiesta; Charity Gaming


It’s no big secret that playing video games for Charity has become a huge thing over the past few years. Penny Arcade and Child’s Play have done great things, not to mention a variety of Speedrunners doing ridiculous things to garner up money for children in need or diseases. I think this is a wonderful thing to be quite honest. I give to charity when I can, and would love to do my part as well. The latest one to cross my desk is almost over [technically. . .] and it’s called “Four Job Fiesta”. It’s built around playing Final Fantasy V for Charity, and it’s something I am certainly considering taking part of on my stream that I co-run with ColtronXL, Bottom Tier.  If I thought I could pull an audience for it, I would definitely do a long charity stream for a good cause.


Here’s how this one works though. You get a list of jobs from a bot on Twitte @Gilgabotr: One job for each Crystal [so four total], and as long as you use at least one of each of them, everything’s okay! If you don’t like your rolls you can pay into the charity to reroll, or to pick specific jobs like Mime, Berserker, if you want to make the game easier or harder. There are lots of options! I imagine the site helps advertise who is currently doing one as well. And 100% of it goes to charity, which is fantastic. There are lots of these ventures, and I’m currently looking into trying to get one off the ground, if I could get the support for it! Right now it’s in the “research” phase to see what could be interesting to watch. Have some thoughts? Feel free to drop them in the comments section below!  More information on Four Job Fiesta can be found at their website.

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  • Eric Marsh

    Don’t forget the new Necromancer class!

    • Ragachak

      Indeed. Necromancer is pretty awesome.