Free Jack Enters Full Release with New Modes

Free Jack Enters Full Release


It has been an exciting testing and balancing period the last half year as players from around the world tested out the Parkour racing game known as Free Jack! Game Bridger Entertainment has heard the requests of the players, fine tuned many aspects, and is about ready to put their seal of approval on Free Jack at long last! Free Jack will be entering its released state as early as May 2011. To celebrate we will gain access to a new exciting competitive mode known as Graffiti mode.


Free Jack Grafitti


Graffiti mode is a new team-based mode that pits runners against each other in a race to collect paint and spray the ultimate tag! Graffiti matches promise to be hectic and unpredictable as players attack each other in an effort to steal each other’s paint! The team to spray their tag first wins! Check out the trailer video of this new mode here.



For those outside the loop, FreeJack is a free-to-play parkour racing game in which players race head-to-head across the urban metropolis of New Jack City in high-octane foot races, chaining together stylish flips and tricks into combos to increase their speed and cross the finish line first! Players can personalize their character with fresh outfits and running gear and even customize their own unique in-game living space with cool furniture and accessories to show off to friends! FreeJack also supports online leaderboards, a club/clan system, in-game friends lists, and more!


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