Freesky Online: 3 Military Development Directions

Freesky Online is a strategy-oriented web game that challenges players to found and then build up Empire. If players want to stand out in the future, they must have solid goals for development and clear plans about how to achieve these goals. We’ve talked about Economic development before, so today were going to be discussing the details of the other primary development strategy, strong militaristic development.
Money Then Military
Although this is a very common development strategy, the differences here are in the details. The only major drawback is the obviously insufficient military power of your Empire when its in its most crucial growth stage. Selling large amounts of resources is one way to stimulate the development of the economy in the short term, while you prepare to quickly build the military when the time is right. Because you’ll be focused on stockpiling resources to fund a military buildup that hasn’t happened yet, this can be a confusing and sometimes effective way of staying one step ahead of your enemies in the region.  
Secret Strike
This means of development takes one part of the previous strategy and moves it front and center. Forget trying to jump start the economy. Forget about the mind games. Just stockpile every military resource and airship you can get your hands on, keep it secret til you’re ready and then launch a pre-emptive (surprise) attack on an enemy of your choice. This method can be devastating, and with good size Armies taking only a day or two to build, very effective. However, because it relies on secrecy and surprise, it usually can’t be used more than a few times before someone pre-emptively attacks you, so as a long term strategy, it’s not quite as useful.
Keep Your (Potential) Enemies Close
This is a very flexible development direction, because how you develop depends on what your Alliance needs. If there are many economic-oriented players in this alliance, then you’re probably going to be the muscle, and quickly developing a strong military is essential in order to protect them from danger. Remember, they got the funds you need to keep the airship production lines humming, and you have the protection they need so they don’t get mugged by a hostile army. Just make sure you let them know that they need you a lot more than you need them.
With certain items, you can take control of a war with ease. If military-oriented players use these kinds of items, enemies might even mistake them for an economy-oriented Empire and make the mistake of picking a fight. Then, you got them right where you want them…
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