Freesky Online: Four Factions Preview

Freesky Online is the soon to be released online game based on the theme of air battles. In the game there are 4 factions: the Divine Hall, the Deity Church, the Cursed Temple, and the Shadow Church. Both the Divine Hall and the Deity Church represent the Empire, and both the Cursed Temple and the Shadow Church represent the opposing side. The Divine Hall controls the Holy Crystal, and the Deity Church controls the crystal. Whilst it is true that for a long time they have coveted each other’s resources, it is also true that this never comes to a head.  One main reason for this is that they frequently unite their forces to fight against their enemies; the Cursed Temple and the Shadow Church.
Today the folks at Freesky Online are going to give you a brief introduction of the 4 factions.
Divine Hall
The Divine Hall is the heart of the empire, and the protector of world peace. It is also the guardian of the empire and only accepts orders from the King’s. The 4 Lords who were entitled after the war now control the Divine Hall. Each of the 4 Lords has been granted by the empire with his own Holy Crystal City with abundant resources.
Cursed Temple
Those who live in the Cursed Temple are great warriors who fight for the freedom to protect the rights of the poor. For this reason, the Cursed Temple is also known as the rebel alliance. Its members often carry out of important communications with many different nations.
Deity Church
The Deity Church was named so because its people believe that the Gods would bring brightness and happiness to everyone on Earth. However, the church was betrayed by its alliance, and so now the people there are too busy amassing their own wealth and plotting revenge.
Shadow Church
The existence of the Shadow Church has always been controversial as it is rumored to not be of this world.  The Deity Church especially believes that it shouldn’t be.  It has been said that the Shadow Church has the power to control people’s minds but this has never been proven.  In fact they are often highly the poor because it provides them with food and shelter. It even built a library for them. However, the people from the Deity Church are adamant that the Shadow Church has cheated them somehow and are planning for an all out battle to prove it.
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