Frog Fractions 2 was found!

FrogFractions Editorial

I couldn’t sleep this morning; and so I went to talk to a friend on Steam, who asked me if I had heard of Frog Fractions. I of course, have not. So they pointed me to a game that’s supposed to “teach how to perform fractions”. Me being terrible at math, was at least curious, because I used to play the shit out of Math Blaster as a youth. So I was linked to Frog Fractions. . . THIS IS NOT A MATH GAME AT ALL. Okay, so it had Math “in” it, and has a few math problems in it towards the end, but you play a frog, eating bugs, protecting your fruit, as many of them as you can. You can acquire upgrades for your frog, such as the ability to swim underwater, changing your lillypad to a Turtle or Dragon. . .AND GET WAY MORE FRUITS! Okay, so I play this math game, which becomes a maze underwater, includes a text-based puzzle adventure, and ultimately you create Bug Porn and sell it [including pop-ups]. I don’t really know what to say about Frog Fractions except that if you haven’t played it, you should definitely go forward and find it.

FrogFractions Editorial 2

There was a kickstarter, quite a few years ago concerning Frog Fractions 2. They said they wouldn’t tell anyone where it is, when it goes live. We’d have to go out and find it. They also said that the Internet is good at finding stuff, so it shouldn’t be an issue. My rollercoaster ride has finally come to its end! Before I went back to bed, this friend showed me where I could find Frog Fractions 2, because it has finally been found on the Internet!  If you go to Steam, and search for Glittermitten Grove [19.99], you can play through this Pixie Village Simulator, which quickly becomes the next Frog Fractions! I won’t spoil anything, but if you want to be entertained in a variety of ways, you won’t want to miss Frog Fractions 2! Or.. Glittermitten Grove. So, this was my morning, and I wanted to share/warn you as applicable. It may not be an RPG, but it did have RPG elements to it, whether I wanted it to or not!

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