Frogster Announces Release Date 3rd Chapter of Runes of Magic – The Elder Kingdoms

Frogster Announces Release Date 3rd Chapter of Runes of Magic – The Elder Kingdoms


Frogster, a leading publisher of online games, today announced that the large main release of the third chapter of Runes of Magic will take place on 18th May 2010. The comprehensive expansion adds a large new game region, several dungeons, loads of new quests and many more challenges and features.


‘Chapter III – The Elder Kingdoms’ takes players to the newly rediscovered continent Zandorya. Here the old kingdom of Dalanis lies in chaos and turmoil with plotters scheming behind the throne of the child-king Callaway. Little remains of the old glory of the ruling dynasty from the time of the legendary King Kalume. In total desperation, the people long for the return of the old heroes. So now it’s down to all brave adventurers to support the young regent and bring order to the chaos.


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Level 55+ adventurers can already take their first steps into the new kingdom full of intrigue and uprisings when they enter the ‘Thunderhoof Hills’, the first territory in the ‘The Elder Kingdoms’ already launched previously.


Following on to that, the launch of the update on 18th May marks the main release of Runes of Magic ‘Chapter III – The Elder Kingdoms’. As early as June, within the framework of the third chapter, there will then be another new territory loaded onto the live servers. Additional content will follow on a monthly cycle. More information at the Runes of Magic page for Chapter III.



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