Frogster launches Free2Play Server for Bounty Bay Online

Free version of nautical MMOG with integrated item shop available

German publisher Frogster Interactive has just launched a free2play Bounty Bay Online server. This new alternative to the existing subscription based server will allow players to join the nautical MMOG free of charge. The game client is free to download at

The new free2play server called “Mary Read” features an integrated online shop where players can buy precious ingame items such as potions, figureheads, treasure maps or level boosts. Depending on their value, the price of these items range from 3 cents upwards. The new server model for Bounty Bay Online allows players with limited playing time to achieve more – in less time. Frogster has thoroughly revamped the website to better serve the players. The website has been restructured to be more clear and easier to navigate and now includes new features such the new items shop.

The new free2play server will not affect the established subscription server. All current subscribers will be able to access Bounty Bay Online the way they are used to. Yusho will be providing regular updates for both servers and the support team will be expanded, thus raising the service standards for both servers. An FAQ for the new free2play server is available on

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