Frogster Makes Good on Word After TERA EU Weekend Technical Failure

Frogster Makes Good on Word After TERA EU Weekend Technical Failure




Following an unfortunate error that brought down TERA EU for the duration of the weekend sneak peak event, Frogster has made good on its word by offering two separate tests this week, open for free to anyone who had a key to the weekend event! These tests limited players to only one character and didn’t last for long, but still offered the world a taste of things to come!



Players participating in the tests experienced the true action combat while engaging in the beginning questlines that occur on the Isle of Dawn. This included the ability to tamper with the incredibly diverse (but still modest.. you can’t make humans with green skin) character builder. I for one had a blast making a Popori and Elin bunny for an upcoming piece of art my friend Ajka is cooking up!



But the real story here is a member of the OnRPG forums, “Thekobe” playing on a five year old PC who experienced no gameplay issues on high graphics. For a game as beautiful as TERA to be coded so well that such an old PC could handle it this easily is truly a testament to the game’s excellent developers at Bluehole. Check out his screenshots below:



Be sure to check out OnRPG next week as Hhean and JamesBl0nde will both be bringing us first impressions on TERA Online and the Isle of Dawn!

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