Frozen Endzone hits Steam Early Access

Frozen Endzone

Mode 7 has recently announced that Frozen Endzone is now available one Steam’s Early Access program. This new version of the game also brings some major changes in gameplay and features, including:

  • Players can now have stats: strength, resilience, “burst” (a small burst of acceleration when getting the ball), evade, intercept radius, block radius
  • “Handball” (now called “Full Match”) game mode enters beta.  This has been totally revamped to accommodate stats and is now the main game mode.  Lots of turnovers, interceptions, end-to-end action, and new points zones make this really exciting and strategic.
  • Team Editor allows you to name your players and set their stats; upload your team to the server and use it in multiplayer or skirmish with it offline
  • Completely revamped, much more intelligent AI and a selection of new AI skirmishes
  • Easy-to-use tile-based Pitch Editor (alpha)
  • Custom Game Mode creator (alpha)
  • Commentary system (alpha): commentary makes use of player names; in single player, the AI calculations are also used to allow the commentators to analyse your play-style; in multiplayer, the commentators will discuss your previous history with your opponent
  • Some brand new animations and some big improvements to camera code

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