Futurama: Worlds of Tomorrow Mobile Game

Futurama Game Editorial

“Welcome… to the World of Tomorrow!”

When I was younger [oh, about high school], Futurama was on the air in its inaugural run. But, I was jaded from how much bored I had gotten with the Simpsons, and didn’t give it a fair shake. I wish I had, but luckily, when I watched the second airing, I fell in love. It’s a wonderful mix of hilarity, silly chaos, and absolute, soul-crushing feels trains that never stop chugging. Some of the saddest moments I’ve witnessed on Television were from Futurama. But it’s finally over. Over forever. There will never be more Futurama. Or…will there? YES THERE WILL!  But. . . not on TV. TinyCo/JamCity have revealed Futurama: Worlds of Tomorrow! It’s a mobile game, written by the original creators, Matt Groening, David X. Cohen, and the original writers! Not to mention, the original animating studio is on board!

“I love this game because it feels just like Futurama,” said Matt Groening, creator and Executive Producer of Futurama and The Simpsons. “Except now you get to jab the characters in the face.” – Matt Groening himself. 

This makes me so damn happy. I assume it’ll be some kind of tell-tale/story-based game, and not some kind of ludicrous action game. I don’t really know too much about the game, but I absolutely cannot wait. I’ve already cleared room on my phone, and that is no lie. I normally only play bite-sized action games on my phone, but this is something that is going to be in my life, and make it just a little bit better. I hope it does for you as well. It’s coming soon, and you can pre-register it on Google Play here, or on their official site!

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  • Herschel Pilcher III

    I am ok with ether a tell-tale game, a ludicrous action game or something like Fall-out Shelter or any of the ‘insert city noun’ -ville games. All of those would be a delightful way to pass the time.

    Especially if I can populate my city with just Omicronians!