Gala-Net Inc. Releases Exclusive Info on FlyffÂ’s ”Lord System”

Sunnyvale, California – September 8, 2008 – Gala-Net Inc. will release the next chapter to Flyff: Fly for Fun later this October. The Lord System will play a key role among the many new features to debut in Flyff Version 12 (V.12).

In V.12, the new Lord System will allow eligible players to be voted as the Lord of their server for 2 weeks. In order to qualify as a candidate to become a Lord, players must have obtained Hero or Master status in order to be considered. For a player to be elected as the Lord of their server, 10% of the eligible voting public must participate for a Lord to be chosen, otherwise no Lord will be elected. In order for a player to vote for a candidate, a player must be at least level 60, and must have logged into the game within the last 30 days. In addition, a player may only vote for 1 candidate.

An elected Lord will be given exclusive skills and equipment which includes:

  • Special Powers, including the ability to start EXP or item drop events on his server

  • Lords Cheer – EXP and Drop Rates are increased by 10% for 60 minutes.

  • Lord’s Blessing- boost a player’s Attack or Defense Power by 10%

  • Lord’s Love- Increases all stats by 15 for 60 minutes

  • Lord’s Anger- Silences a player from talking for 60 minutes

  • Lord’s Call- Allows the lord to summon a player to his/her location

  • A set of fashion clothes to be worn by the current Lord, The Cloak of the Sea God which gives players +20 to all stats, and the Lord’s own Limousine Bike to fly around in!

  • And so much more!
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