Gala Net to publish Allods

Gala-Net, Inc. has announced their partnership with Nival Online to publish Allods in the North and Central American market.
“Allods is the unique combination of the Western art style and game design with the innovative Free to Play business model from the East. We are excited that Gala-Net Inc., a Free to Play game publishing pioneer, will operate Allods in North America. Allods will set the bar for the highest quality MMOs and reinforce the quality of free to play games.” – Sergey Orlovskiy, President, Nival Online.
Based on the popular RPG series, Rages of Mages [in North America and Europe], Allods is an award-winning classic fantasy MMORPG with extensive quests, intense PvP action, in-depth character development as well as great social features to boot. With an unprecedented funding of 12 Million USD, Allods Online is the highest funded Russian game development project to date. Allods boasts both the Best Online Game and the Best Game Developer award at the 2008 Russian Game Development Conference (KRI).
This highly anticipated title will have fans of the sci-fi fantasy genre rejoicing at the intricate storyline, distinctive game play and beautiful art style.
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