Galaxy Online: Create your own ship!

In Galaxy Online, you can design blueprints for warships, create them and then found your own fleets. It’s all up to you!
In the warship design interface, you can design the blueprints of your warships. In the beginning, there are few hulls and modules available. As you develop Science gradually, more and much higher level hulls and modules will be available and then you can design more and more powerful, interesting and (or) characteristic warships. The design of your ships is totally up to you!
A good team must have a good leader. That is why Galaxy Online contains a perfect commander system. In the game, you are a commander and you can lead a fleet to explore the unknown world. Besides the default commander, you can recruit more commanders which are mainly classified into common commanders and special commanders of different levels. When recruiting a commander, getting a good commander or not all depends on your luck, which adds much fun to the game. Besides, you can name your commanders. So, do not forget to name your commanders a cool name after recruiting them.
When you have warships and commanders, you can found your personal fleets. On the fleet creation interface, you can array your warships. But note that the warships’ formation will affect your fleet’s power and defense greatly in combat. So, arrange your warships carefully. Anyway, just try your ideas out time and again, you will found the most powerful and characteristic fleets one day.
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