Galaxy Online: Development Direction

What types of hero will you be? This is probably one of the first questions players will answer when playing most of MMORPGs. However, Galaxy Online does not provide players class options. At the beginning, most players incline to develop their galaxies comprehensively, ending up constructing almost all available types of buildings. The problem is whether you can balance your resource yield and consumption. The universe is enormous, but players are never alone. Joining corps and having a specific role will take you and your fraction closer to the victory. Here Galaxy Online experts hint you the possible directions of career development.


“Farmers” only build industrial infrastructures. They work hard to produce resources (alum, gas and people). Usually 80% or more of the resources they exploit are transported to “Military Engineers”.

Military Engineers
“Military Engineers” are dedicated to studying science and warship construction. They must substantially produce high science points to support hull and module’s study. Also they excel at warship design, spending time on researching the best warship they can form from the available hulls and modules. The battleships they build are delivered to “Soldiers”.


“Soldiers” are masters of warships, capable of arranging fleets to the most fearsome array. They recruit and train Spell and Super commanders. Their superior strategic abilities will cause enemies the worst destruction while protecting their allies from tremendous attack.

Stay in the same vicinity, use communication, coordinate attacks and ability use, and have a strategy. Good teamwork is probably the most important factor for success. It takes time and practice to develop, but it’s worth working on.

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