Galaxy Online II: Spectacular 3D Universe to Bring New Conflicts

The universe of Galaxy Online II will be very different from the one currently being explored in Galaxy Online: a whole dimension different, in fact. When players get their first glimpse of the 3D universe in the next edition of this exciting game of space fleets and intergalactic warfare, it will open their eyes to adventure on a grand scale.
Presently in Galaxy Online, galaxies are named after constellations and the universe as a whole looks like a planar web, flat and lacking depth. In Galaxy Online II, galaxies will not only be named after constellations, but their locations will also be determined by the constellation’s position in the real universe. The whole universe in Galaxy Online II will be three-dimensional, giving players a deeper, more complex environment in which to compete.
Each constellation will consist of multiple galaxies containing Transition Platforms and Magnetic Cloud Areas. Transition Platforms will allow players to transfer a fleet from one constellation to another. The new Magnetic Cloud Areas will be filled with purple clouds of gas. Storms will often strike within Magnetic Cloud Areas, adding to the dangers fleets must overcome. These areas will be neutral, so fleets from any faction can be stationed within them. No combat will occur inside, and while there fleets will gain antimatter they can use for energy. Lingering too long will carry a stiff penalty, however, since a fleet’s durability will decrease gradually over time. Should they reach zero durability, fleets will vanish.
When the new 3D universe goes live in Galaxy Online II, players will also have to adjust to a change in home galaxy mechanics over the game’s predecessor. A player’s home galaxy will no longer be absolutely safe, adding new defensive concerns to each player’s strategic goals.
Enhanced competition, new challenges, and a spectacular 3D environment all await players looking forward to Galaxy Online II. The fates of galaxies will rest in your hands. Will you be among the conquerors or the conquered?

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