Galaxy Online: Intro to the Science Tree

Battles have broken out across Galaxy Online. It is difficult not to notice some players are leading powerful and destructive fleets to seize the limited resources in the galaxy. Have you ever wondered how to have a rapid industry development, or to obtain the elaborate warship blueprint? The key answer is the Science Tree. Through this guide, you will learn how to distribute your science points to optimum.

Science Tree consists of 3 branches: Personal, Faction and Corps Science. According to personal interest, players can choose to raise any of them using science points.

There is plenty of choice when it comes to Personal Science. If the development is hindered by the slow resource yields, you should improve your Astrogeology and Industrial Theory first. In fact, it is always recommended to increase planet productive efficiency before you start anything else. Next important thing is to colonize as more planets as possible. Investing science points on the Colonial Science can lift up the upper limit for planets a player can occupy. The development of Personal Science also determines the levels of hulls and modules are available to the player. Even after a warship has been fully designed and built, thousands of warship facilities await to be studied. They will be extremely vital to modify a warships’ attack power, defense and other stats for individual or unique missions and goals.

Faction Science directly affects the whole faction’s development. By developing Faction Science, the faction’s resources yield bonus can be raised and higher-level hulls will be available to the faction members. To build a real strong faction, members must continuously contribute to their Faction Science.

In contrast to Personal and Faction Science, Corps Science attracts players with more benefits. For example, a few exclusive hulls can only be activated for corps members. Remember you are not alone in the universe, corps are the most active and reliable organization. Your effort on the Corps Science will earn you power and knowledge when fighting against enemies.

How to improve Science Points?
The rate of Science points yield is determined by the number and levels of the player’s completed Science Institutes. In addition, the construction of one Planetary Comsat will provide more Science points within the whole galaxy. A little reminder for players switching on the Entrust Building, you’d better level up Planetary Comsat by hand as it requires large amount of resources, hence it won’t be selected by system to update automatically.

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