Galaxy Online: Mystery of Blue Giants

In the vast universe across Galaxy Online hide innumerous huge objects that constantly emit blue rays of light. They are the Blue Giants. Until now they have remained peaceful observers of the chaos engulfing the universe. “An old star containing much energy, reconstructed by some means” – The definition of the Blue Giant has given rise to much speculation. Now all the Galaxy Online players will be witnessing an important transformation of Blue Giant to Star Fortress. This change will create more uncertainty to the battle results, and surely make the game more entertaining.
Blue Giants are in fact secret fortresses that look peaceful and quiet on the outside. After a series of intense research, these blue planets can be converted into Star Fortresses that are able to dock friendly fleets and keep them invisible. When hostile fleets intrude into the galaxy, the hidden fleets will appear and attack invading enemies automatically. When the battle ends, all fleets will go back into hiding. To activate Blue Giants requires a great deal of Science points, but their defensive value should never be disregarded. These giant, blue guardians of the galaxy will change the course of the battle within seconds.
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