Galaxy Online: New Server and contest

Galaxy Online is very happy to announce that a new server named "Gemini" was launched on 4:00 a.m. (GMT-4), March 27th.
We thank all players’ wonderful support since Galaxy Online beta test. We are really heartened by this. Your encouragement also stimulates us to make further development. The existing "Aries" server is pushing its upper limit as most of lands have been conquered. In order to relieve population stress and offer better service as well as invite more new players to join Galaxy Online, a brand new server with untouched galaxies is now ready for new and experienced players to explore.
As celebration for the launching of Gemini, we now have confirmed two exciting activities here:
Composite Strength Competition
In the game, the six factions do not usually compete with each other because they seldom leave their own territories. Now, we are excited to initiate a competition between the factions and reward the top 100 players. When the competition deadline expires, the players who rank 1st to 100th on the "Composite Strength" list in the game will be awarded different amounts of Mall Points.
Shootdowns Contest
When the event ends, the top 30 players on the "Shootdowns" list in the game will be the winners of the contest. The player who shoots down the most ships (excluding ships they’ve shot down while doing quests) will rank higher on the "Shootdowns" list. The top 10 players will be awarded 200 Mall Points each and those who rank 11th to 30th on the list will be awarded 100 Mall Points each.
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