Galaxy Online: Second International Battleground War on the Horizon

After achieving great success with the first war held on the International Battleground server, the Galaxy Online team is eager to host another.

Beginning late this past April, the first war was an intense conflict that showcased the skills of the best players from both the Chinese and English Galaxy Online servers. In the end, the Chinese side won in large part due to their superior warship deployments and teamwork.

This time the team expects to see some of the English commanders who cut their teeth in the first war take the lessons they learned and put up an even better fight the second time around.

The rules for the second war will be the same as those used for the first one. During the second war, players from Chinese servers will be on one side and those from English servers will be on the other. Each participant will be given the same amount of initial resources and Science points, and the time needed to erect a building or build a ship will be shortened by 50%.

The second war will also run for a limited period of time, with the side that occupies the most galaxies when the war comes to a conclusion earning the victory.

Galaxy Online - Second War on International Battle Server Announced

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