Gamania Announces Tiara Concerto, The Musical MMO

Gamania Announces Tiara Concerto, The Musical MMO




Gamania Digital Entertainment today is proud to announce a new musical adventure in the skies, its upcoming MMO game, Tiara Concerto. Information on the game’s storyline and world has been revealed, giving players a sneak peek at the mysterious musical instruments used to ward off enemies and unlock new dimensions. In addition to the game, Tiara Concerto’s RD team has created a new comic series, Tiara Concerto Mini, which will appear in weekly installments on the official Facebook fan page, revealing additional information on the game.



The story of Tiara Concerto transports players 800 years in the past, to the time of the Star Chord Judgment – the result of wasteful Humans exhausting all of earth’s resources. In their final hour, with the world on the verge of self-destruction, the legendary Seven Wise Men managed to unlock a new dimension, saving the Humans from complete annihilation. While their home world was lost forever, the surviving Humans managed to escape judgment by living on floating islands in the sky. As years passed, they developed a mysterious skill called “Tuning,” in which they used instruments to produce resonance with energy from the past, thereby allowing them to slowly reclaim resources from their homeland. Now, the Humans must cooperate with other magical races – the Elves and the Beasts – to take down the Rhythmic Monsters prowling the skies and bring back their lost civilization.



Besides 3 races, the game also boasts 3 classes, the warrior, ranger, and tuner. While the warrior is self explanatory and the ranger fills a sort of dual role between rouge and gunsmith, the tuner is rather unique. By channeling tunes and building into a crescendo, they are able to buff allies while playing as a DOT styled mage that can turn a battle over a long course of time. Interestingly enough, a system seems to be in place in which rhythm and style plays into the combat to reward teams that work together in flawless unison. OnRPG will be keeping a close eye on this one to see if it lives up to its beautiful teaser trailer.

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  • Nekoh

    This game is pretty cool, just started playing it. Great graphics, action combat, and can tweak regedit to change language to english. Only problem is I can’t tell what the talents are so I have to kind of hit and miss to find out what they do as I can’t find any kind of translation or guide to them. Haha